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Sectional Title Management   –  Managing Agent

At MPM Property, we take a different view on residential property management. Our focus is on adding value beyond the industry norms. MPM makes use of the latest digital Management software and web-based communication tools. This ensures accuracy, transparency and 24/7 access to all your accounts.

The services listed below are a summary of the most common services offered by MPM Property Management. The following inter related functions form the basis of a solid Managing Agent Offering

The first & most important function of a Sectional Title Management Company is the control & oversight of levies

Levy Administration:

  • Preparation of monthly levy statements;
  • Levy management in conjunction with the scheme levy insurance and or collection attorneys;
  • Issuing Levy Clearance Certificates
  • Collating and billing of owner electricity / water usage from meter readers
  • CSOS levies as per participation quotas

Financial Management and Reporting:
Financial Management of any property is critical to its ongoing sustainability and an integral part of our Sectional Title Specialist offering

  • Monthly reconciliation of all banking, creditor and debtors control accounts
  • Separate Bank accounts in the name of the Body Corporate  (NO trust accounts)
  • Accurate capture of the all accounting transactions
  • Preparation of Monthly Management accounts
  • Prompt payment of all creditors, employees and ad hoc payment, using trustee elected system
  • Filing and storage of accounting documentation. On & off-site backup
  • Preparation of financial year end accounts with a full audit pack
  • Reconciliation of recoveries in respect of utilities
  • Telephonic queries with COJ
  • Accurate budget preparation
  • Insurance policies & Fidelity insurance

Estate Management:
Another of many important property Managing Agent’s responsibilities, is to assist trustees with maintenance plans & contractors

  • On site inspections of your complex
  • 10 year maintenance plans Software (legal requirement for all trustees to prepare for AGMs – data input from trustees)
  • Sourcing of goods and services in terms of specific agreed protocols

Client Liaison:

  • Information gathering as prescribed by law;
  • Incident assistance
  • Assistance with insurance claims and repairs preparation
  • Distribution of regular newsletters and circulars

Governance and Secretarial:
Managing Agents for Body corporates perform a vital governance roll in ensuring properties are compliant & in line with the latest laws & legislation

  • Facilitating prescribed scheme executive and member meetings  (AGM; SGM)
  • Minute recording and preparation. Audio recording & Backup
  • Attend to Government requirements such as SARS , CIPC , CSOS, Workman’s comp. et al
  • Receive complaints & refer to appropriate trustees
  • Assist with CSOS cases & preparation & representation at CSOS hearings
  • Scheme executive (trustees) guidance, where needed
  • Assist Trustees with STSM & Prescibed Management law
  • Liaison with professionals such as insurance brokers, bankers and valuators
  • Guidance with conduct rules & lodgement to CSOS

Please don’t hestitate to contact us with any enquiries. We will be happy to meet with your Trustees to discuss your needs & how we can meet those needs, in order to ensure the smooth & efficient management of your complex or office suite.

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